What is a Copywriter?

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There is a great deal of confusion concerning the term copywriter This is due, in no small part, to sounding the same as the term copyrighter. These two terms are not the same.

A copywriter is sometimes called a commercial writer. In either case, the job involves writing, or editing content for newsletters, advertising, websites, magazines, newspapers, books, TV, radio, or any other media.

While writers of novels and other literary works are most often called authors, they are, in fact, copywriters. A copyrighter, on the other hand, is responsible for protecting the legal rights of a creative content creator, such as a commercial writer.

There are two different types of copywriters, freelancers and staff writers. A staff commercial writer can work for an advertising agency, a public relations firm, or any media-related company. They are usually paid a salary. A freelance writer is hired on an as needed basis and can have a variety of different clients. Staff writers have the benefit of a steady income, but can not pick and choose assignments. Freelance writers, while they have the option to work when, and where they want, lack the steady income of a staff writer.

Recently, with the increased usage of the Internet, specialized web-specific copywriting jobs have begun to appear. Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the hottest fields in copywriting. SEO copywriters write content that increases the page ranking of a web site on search engines. Writers that understand how a search engine works and are able to create content that consistently ranks high, can make a very good living as a SEO copywriter.

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